What is Zcash

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Zcash (ZEC)

What is Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash, also known as ZEC is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers selective transparency in transactions over the Blockchain. This is an open, permissionless currency that can fully protect the privacy of the business on the public blockchain.

How does Zcash work

Zcash Explained

Using Zcash in a public Blockchain would offer total confidentiality. This is through encryption of the details of sender, receiver and the value of transactions on the blockchain.

Only the authorized people with the access key will be able to see these details. This is why Zcash claims to be the business cryptocurrency.

How Zcash Works

We all know that Blockchain is a public network, where numerous devices from all across the world interact. In this system, the businesses require protection of privacy in order to conduct the basic business operations.

Zcash is made upon the system of Bitcoin by researchers. The added feature that is also the limelight is its anonymity.

Zcash uses the zero-knowledge proofs technology, where none of the third parties can gain access to the private data of the user. The only way a user can track a transaction is through putting in the right key for the transaction.

This makes the Zcash algorithm easy and safe to use on the publicly owned blockchain, hence making it suitable to conduct secretive business operations.

What is Zcash

What You Need to Buy Zcash (ZEC)?

There are certain requirements that we must look into before a user can possess Zcash. These requirements are as follows

MEC Wallet

Zcash Wallet

A zcash wallet will allow you to hold and secure your Zcash, just like every other cryptocurrency out there. According to the convenience of the user, the wallet holds the cryptos for the user. For higher amounts of Zcash and a better security, we would recommend you to use costly but secure hardware wallet.

Also, there is a dedicated Zcash wallet in the market that can store the cryptocurrency. So, a software wallet dedicated to this currency by the very own vendors also exists.

Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account

Well, you could never buy a cryptocurrency without funneling in some cash. So, consider these things as important as having cash.

The system will ask you to enter the payment details which would require these details in the accounts options of the Zcash exchanges. Hence, without a credit or debit card, your zcash wallet cannot see even a glimpse of the cryptocurrency.

Trusted Prospects

Just like every other cryptos you will stumble upon on the blockchain, a strong need of trusted prospects for zcash is mandatory. Hence, you must be familiar with some good exchanges that provide a good zcash price and are reliable with personal information.

On the other hand, you can also purchase this currency from individual vendors who happen to be selling altcoins.

Just keep an eye on the zcash price and the reputation of the link so that you don’t end up in the bottom.

Where to Buy Zcash (ZEC)?

Buying Zcash is not a tough not a tough nut to crack at all! However, there are some modes of buying this currency. The following are the most notable ways of buying zcash:

From Zcash Exchanges

For buying Zcash, you can exchange your currency at a specified zcash price from an agency. Allcoin, Alcurex, Bitfinex are a few recommended names that fall in this category.

You just have to:

  • Sign up for an account

  • Enter your payment details

  • Select the amount/package of Zcash you want to buy

  • Complete the payment process

Doing so will provide the Zcash coins on the wallet address you specified.

Note that this transaction will happen on a specific Zcash price that the exchange will reveal to you. There will be some extra fees too that the exchange will require for a successful process.

Trading Bitcoin for Zcash

This is another convenient method that you can use to sell Zcash for money. You can use cryptos like Bitcoin and convert them into Zcash through different currency trading exchanges.

Once more, this entire system will follow a specific zcash price before sending the cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Once you have got the zcash price against Bitcoin then follow these steps to exchange Bitcoin into Zcash:

  • Buy Bitcoins with ACH transfer on Coinbase. (the company will charge a fee of 1.49% per buy)

  • Head out to some cryptocurrency trading exchanges. Binance and Changelly are a few to mention.

  • Sign up on the platforms and log in.

  • Convert Bitcoin into Zcash through cryptocurrency trading.

Doing this will exchange your Bitcoin into Zcash. Once more, there will be a specific price of against which, your bitcoins will be replaced.

The advantage of replacing a cryptocurrency with zcash is the speed of the completion of transaction. Due to the slow legacy banking system, a purchase with US Bank transfer can take days to complete.

Therefore, people prefer to use the replacement method for filling up their zcash wallet.

Zcash Mining

Zcash (ZEC) Mining

We can mine Zcash from the blockchain just like any other currency that is available on the network. Mainly, there are mainly 3 ways of zcash mining using the blockchain. They are,

Individual Mining (Rig Required)

In this mode of mining, the miners use a specialized system of GPUs (known as a Rig) to mine from the blockchain. Ordinary GPUs and computers can only give loss to the miner as they lack enough power.

Individual zcash mining provides low progress in the blockchain, however all of the reward is kept by the miner himself.

Pool-Based Zcash Mining

In this mode of mining, multiple miners combine their mining power for mining cryptos. This is a combined system of zcash mining with capabilities of mining the complex blocks with speed. Hence, there is a network of GPUs in this system to mine the blockchain.

Pool-based zcash mining is leaves good progress in the Blockchain. However, all of the owners of this system share the rewards on the basis of their role in mining a complex block.

Zcash Cloud Mining

This is the most convenient method of zcash mining so far. Clouds are the gigantic server networks that possess marvelous processing power.

If the power of these servers is robust, then why not use these servers for mining bitcoins?

In the zcash cloud mining, the miners can specify a mining rate for the servers (hashrates) and then make a contract for a distinct period of time. The server upon engaging in a contract will use its own power to start mining. In most of the cases, the servers have mining rigs that accomplish the purpose of mining.

This saves the costs of operating a rig and also the depreciation of the machines.

Therefore, zcash cloud mining is just like an investment and return on investment system which accommodates the users with shining zcash coins in their wallets.


Zcash is a really advanced system of cryptos and probably one of the most innovative in the World. Definitely the minds of the scientists and the researchers behind this coin show their brilliance. dditionally, you can utilize the anonymity and excellent power of the coin for good if you follow the above steps.

Therefore, head out to your preferred option of working with zcash and start earning right away!

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