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Binance is one of the most interesting crypto exchanges that is open to almost all countries around the World! Let’s look at some reasons why we put it in our “top 5 bingo book”:

Binance has a unique coin BNB. If, you are on Binance and working with BNB, Binance will offer you unique discounts. From the perspective of a trader, folks their offerings are pretty decent.

Another plus of having Binance as your crypto exchange is the number of offerings by this company. Currently, Binance has more than 140 altcoins listed on it and more are coming this way! Hence, if you want a huge portfolio of the crypto biggies then Binance is what you are looking for!

“Binance Fee Structure”

Folks! Binance is a very innovative company. So much so, that even their fee structure is unique. To start with, Binance provides a 0.1% standard trading fee. This fee is quite less than its other peers. Moreover, the pricing strategy of Binance is even more lenient if you work with BNBs. If you are paying your trading fee in BNBs, then you’ll have this plan.
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For registering on Binance, head out to the link here. Once you fill in all the details, you will see Binance’s main page where you will get the deals.

Binance Has a Mobile App Too

Another interesting thing about Binance is that the company has its own mobile app too! So, if you are a crypto geek who is constantly on the move, then Binance is a trustworthy company, that goes wherever you go!. Now how convenient is that!


Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange  that focus on crypto-to-crypto trading. The digital platform has started to gain popularity in the blockchain community thanks to its impressive coin offerings and insanely low trading fees.