Getting Megacoins
Megacoin Faucet with several other coins
Getting Megacoins Guide Overview covering International Exchanges, Trading, Mining, Transfers and Wallet Usage.
Community guide to get Megacoins in 4 easy steps
Mining Guides
Want to Learn how to Mine Megacoins on Windows? Visit Here!
Building a Megacoin Mining Build on a Budget!
Mining Megacoin with CGMiner from Iquidus Tech!
Reddit Thread: MEC Mining Guide for Apple Computers
Video guide for mining Megacoin on Windows
Megacoin Mining Sub-Reddit
A Guide on Mining Megacoins from our Chinese Community!
Mining Profitability
Detailed numbers on Mining Profitability, Network hash, and Currenty Difficulty!
The CoinWarz determine which crypto is the most profitable to mine!
Calculates best cryptocoin to mine with your computer equipment.
Mining Pools
New Megacoin Pool running MPOS
Chinese Megacoin Pool!
PPLNS with 10min window
Multiple VARDIFF stratum servers. Proportional payments!
Multi-Pool for Scrypt Coins
P2Pool, 1% fee. No usernames or passwords
Stratum, Vardiff
Crypto-Expert MEC Pool
New Zealand Based Mining Pool. Stratum, 1.5% fee
Europe/France Pool
Stratum pool. Proportional payout per block after 120 confirmations and 5% reward to block finder
Europe/Netherlands Based, Stratum/Vardiff with Proportional Payments, 1%
Multiple VARDIFF stratum servers. Proportional payments
No registration required, 2% fee.
Proportional Payouts, Full Block Rewards Including Tx Fees, 1% Pool Fee
Stratum, Vardiff, Load Balancing
Multi Coin Mining
Multi-Pool for Scrypt Coins
Community Discussion
Bitcointalk - BTC-E Petition
Bitcointalk - Megacoin Chinese Information
Bitcointalk - Megacoin Current Thread
Bitcointalk - Megacoin Historic Thread
Bitcointalk - Megacoin Unofficial Information - A Very Well Done Website, Designed for Alt-Coins - Unofficial Megacoin Information
Video Sharing Site - Megacoin Polish Page
Delicious Social Linking for Megacoin
Megacoin on Facebook! - Czech!
Megacoin on Facebook! - Dutch/Netherlands
Megacoin on Facebook! - English 4990+ Likes
Megacoin on Facebook! - Finnish (Finland)!
Megacoin on Facebook! - French!
Megacoin on Facebook! - German
Megacoin on Facebook! - Greece
Megacoin on Facebook! - Polska (Poland)!
Megacoin on Facebook! - Spanish
Megacoin Community Forum
Social Blogging Site
Megacoin on MySpace!
Megacoin Pinterest page for Polish Community
Reddit AltcoinTip Bot now supports Megacoin!
Rooms: #megacoin-pub and #megacoin-dev
Official IRC channels
Megacoin Steam Gaming Community
Megacoin Social Linking Page
Official English Twitter page. Daily Tweets. 500 followers
Official Spanish Twitter page. Just launched!
Megacoin Page For Fans "Megacoin Fan". 6,553 Followers
Megacoin Page For Fans "Megacoin Project". Just Launched!
Chinese Micro-Blog for Megacoin!
Megacoin on Youtube!
Videos Discussing Megacoin
Video talking about Megacoin on the rise!
Can Megacoin compete as a digital currency - valid investment
Megacoin Overview Explained by GamersGoneTech