Megacoin has been designed to handle rapid growth and a stable future. Only 42 Million Megacoins will ever exist. During the freely joinable Initial Adoption Phase (IAP) which lasts nearly half a year, 21 Million Megacoins will come into existance. Every Megacoin block has a reward. Here the block rewards are in groups of 21,000 blocks steping down from 500, 250, 125, 75, 50. Rapid growth during the IAP is fueled by a balanced amount of increased rewards for miners who secure the Megacoin network.
Around the year 2014 to several decades in the future, the remaining 21 Million Megacoins will be distributed at a similar step-down rate. Every 420,000 blocks (2 years), The reward starts at 25 and is halved each period. 10.5 million Megacoins come from first 2 Years of 420,000 blocks. While the Megacoin release rate decreases as time moves forward, the market value of Megacoins will adjust accordingly.